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Dreamy hunk Fred Thompson sure is a piece of work:

Seated in the audience is a childhood friend of mine....My friend stands talking with her colleagues as the senator is driven away by a blond, all-American staffer. A few minutes later, my friend gets into her car to head home. As she pulls up to the stop sign at the parking lot exit, rolling up to the intersection is Senator Thompson, now behind the wheel of a sweet silver luxury sedan. He gives my friend a slight nod as he drives past. Turning onto the main road, my friend passes the school's small, side parking area. Lo and behold: There sits the abandoned red pickup, along with the all-American staffer.

Now I know gimmicks like Fred's red pickup are a staple of American populist campaigning. And I don't pretend that Democrats are above utilizing folksy heartland iconography to boost themselves politically. What will be interesting is reading the press coverage of Fred Thompson--if he ever officially declares--and counting how often he is portrayed as "authentic" compared to those effete Democrats who spend their campaign money on $400 haircuts.

As should be obvious to readers of this blog, the political narrative spun by the 4th estate is always of more interest than the politicians themselves.


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